Travel Information

Helpful Information for Travellers to Uman:

עמדת מודיעין באומן  Information Booth

There is an information booth near the refreshments kiosk where people are available to answer all your questions about the Hospitality Center and other arrangements for celebrating Rosh Hashanah in Uman.

שרותי רפואה באומן  Health and Support Services

There are two sources of medical support for visitors to Uman:

  1. Hatzola is present in Uman all year round, under the auspices of HaRav Hallel Cohen from Kiev.
  2.  For the Rosh Hashanah period, there is a dedicated medical clinic in the courtyard of the Klois Synagogue, staffed by Nachman Klein and Ichud Hatzola of Tsefat, with expert doctors providing almost all medical services.

שרותי תקשורת באומן  Telephone Services

There are several options for telephone services for visitors to the Ukraine and every individual should investigate these options and select the most appropriate solution for their needs.

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מפות  Maps of Uman

Uman is divided into four quarters and the city has a number of focal points in addition to the tomb of Rabbi Nachman. There are signs in English that will help you to find what you seek.

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בתי כנסת באומן  Minyanim in Uman

We have listed the various minyanim that operate during the Rosh Hashanah period with different nusachim. Some of these minyanim also operate on other special days such as Chanukah, Erev Rosh Chodesh Nisan, and Shavuot.

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